# SubQ Damage Mechanics

# Initial Design Notes

  • All subs will have variable hull ratings, which (may) vary across different parts of the submarine e.g. its starboard and port sides may have thicker hull.
  • Hull will be represented in the game as units (shown on screen as cells), reminiscent of the '80s BATTLECARS game. Damaged cells will change colour and/or graphic.
  • Compartments may be flooded, resulting in the death of crew.
  • Thicker hull affects mass. This is a product of the hull type (lighter or heavier materials) and number of hull "units".
  • This will allow for facing-based attacks e.g. a sub with a heading of 90 degrees being attacked by a sub at 180 degrees will have attacks impact its starboard hull.
  • Hull protects components.
  • Components may be damaged. This will affect the overall efficiency of the damaged sub or cause other effects e.g. taking out the propellers will render the target immobile.
  • As well as hull, subs may be protected by cool sci-fi stuff like the seaQuest's "bio-skin" and may have repair drones that can perform repairs on external damage.
  • Damage control teams can put out fires, drain flooded sections, repair hull and components. Damage control is directly affected by the Engineering Officer's Efficiency attribute.
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