"Pull on the new flesh like borrowed gloves, and burn your fingers once again."

Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon

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What is it?

SubQ is my first second solo-foray into personal game development. In November 2018 I decided to take a break from working on my tabletop RPG project and, in typical "me" fashion, almost immediately decided to start something else. So taking a leaf out of my tabletop game design approach ("write things, don't pressure yourself to write things, but try to write at least something for 15 minutes a day"), I decided a Roguelike would be a neat idea.

So I began by trying to write my own console library in C#. Bad idea. Instead of wrangling with such complexities, I settled on using the SadConsole and GoRogue libraries to take most of the pain out of early development, so I could concentrate on, you know, cool stuff.

More to come, probably beginning with the basics of how I built the barebones game using SadConsole and GoRogue + my own Entity-Component-System architecture.

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