# Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

These exercises are taken from Russ Harris' excellent book The Happiness Trap which I'm slowly working through, and are here for my own reference (and anyone else's).

I'm not going to explain the exercises (read the book!). These points are here to serve as personal prompts.

# I'm having the thought that...

Prefix negative thoughts (which are just words) with:

I'm having the thought that...

or, for even more of a disconnect:

I notice I'm having the thought that...

# Musical Thoughts

Focus on and repeat the negative thought in your head, to the tune of "Happy Birthday", "Jingle Bells" or some other tune or song that you find familiar. You've not challenged or tried to get rid of the thought, but defused it.

# Naming Your Stories

Exactly what it says - disempower the thoughts (defuse them) by giving them names, or grouping them into a common story and naming it.

"Oh, it's the 'You're Worthless' story AGAIN"


"I remember this, it's the old tale of 'You Could Have Done Better'".

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